02 July, 2019

*Over N50m paid on Saturday to deserving ragp partners*

*Over N50m paid on Saturday to deserving ragp partners...* So it has been every month... Since 2 years ago... What I learned about this is that: 1) these top earners all started this Biz with N5,000... Begged or borrowed... They had a focus... They saw the plan... They believed in the fact that they can be richer... The went all out to tell other and Got paid for it... Do u know that there is something inside you that can bring the rich man/woman inside you out? Do you know that starting today may be the best time to even start... Past months don't matter... But the now that is called #Right time... I believe you can... You can do better that these ##CHEQUERS U see... Its about the you, you, you... Your 5k,10k, 25k etc. Would you like to restart? Kickstart? Pick up the Biz today... July may be your best month... I want to celebrate you this month.. If you can make 500pvs, 1000pvs, 5,000pvs, 10,000pvs... Many teams have broken records in achieving successes... Up you too... Let's do it...ACHIEVE...

28 June, 2019

13 May, 2019


Wowapp Messenger Application
Is the first social media app to share its revenue with their users,  Just as yu login almost everyday on facebook,  whatsApp and instagram, telegram and many other social media to chat and even send files as the case may be sometimes.  In wowapp yu earn wowcoins,  which when accumulated to how much yu want to withdraw,  yu either donate it to a charity organization of yur choice online,  or yu cashout directly to yur local bank account. 
Minimum withdrawal on wowapp is $2.
Imagine,  if yu'd been using wowapp all these years of using other social media. 
How much yu would've earned on wowapp now???
Wowapp also provides its users with room to invite friends and family to join wowapp messenger.

💰  Ways to earn in WowApp 💰 
: : Task Earning : :
1⃣  Video Ads
2⃣  App Install
3⃣  Survey
4⃣  Online Shopping
5⃣  International Calling
Extra Earning(Automatic)
6⃣  Chatting with family and friends
7⃣  Games
8⃣  Lockscreen Ads
9⃣  WebEarn(only for PC)
🔟 Inviting Family and friends
The application is Supported on:

💰  Minimum withdrawal : No limit ( Bank transfer💵 ,credit/debit card💳 ,calling credit📞 )

And registration just as it's done on fb and whatsApp plus any other social media is free. 

Yu can create yur free acct online and download the app 👇👇👇

06 May, 2019

Start earning real money from today in Nigeria (LEGIT)

 Start earning real money from today in Nigeria (LEGIT)

Have you been scamd do to your involvement in some online business? So sorry for that
I am recommending this world trade business for you. its free if any body ask you for money let me know i will deal with that person personally. Just follow click HERE to start-up

and creat your free account now and enjoy it wen it is hot

Happy money making.

28 March, 2019

How to Make up to N10,000 Daily in Nigeria

How to Make up to N10,000 Daily in Nigeria
Joseph David make money

Make up to N10,000 Daily in
Nigeria + My 2 Brand New
*************** *****************
There is a brand new income
program called HIWAP
(Healthiswealth.ng Affiliate
Program) that you can use to
make up to ₦10,000 Daily Online in Nigeria.
on Hiwap, you earn N1,000 per
article you write.
You earn N1,000 per referral
(Referral is not compulsory to
cash out) and lots more benefit. Before you register or learn
I have prepared 2 special bonuses
in form of eBooks for any one of
you who registers and upgrades
for HIWAP using my referral link. This bonus will allow you to earn
more on HIWAP.
Below are my 2 special bonuses
you are getting for free
BONUS #1: Referrals Hacker Pro –
Worth ₦20,000 (In this Bonus eBook, I share with
you Super hot strategies you can
use to get lots and lots of
referrals in any income program
you join, containing some
strategies I personally used to make over N740,000+ on NNU
Affiliate Program, N150,000+ on
wakanda.ng referral program
and the other income programs
totally Free strategies)
BONUS #2: Health & Wellness Articles Writer worth ₦15,000
(This bonus will allow you to
successfully make N1,000 Per
article you write on HIWAP)
(In this Bonus, I revealed what I
haven’t showed anyone before, It contains how you can become a
health and wellness articles
writer using your Android Phone,
I show the Tools you need, The
Lazy method for finding health
topics to write about with screenshots, and step by step
how to write the articles fast
without any delay, and finally
some recommendations on how
you will write it that will make
HIWAP and anyone at all quickly accept and love you for it)
Read more about Hiwap here and
how to qualify for my bonuses
quickly: Prosper Noah
Source: https:// www.prospernoah.com/hiwap-review


Make money with gmail account

According to the topic you need to first of all have a valid Gmail address if not is as good you leave this post and look for another post that will help you earn money without the use of Gmail account. Let me quickly go into the deal for today

1 Set up and build your
YouTube channel.

Your channel is your personal
presence on YouTube. Each
YouTube account has one
channel attached to it. A
YouTube account is the same as
a Google account, and creating a YouTube account will grant you access to other Google
products, such as Gmail and
Drive. Create your account or use
your existing one. Add
keywords to help people
find your channel. You can
add keywords by
navigating to the Advanced section of your Channel
Settings. Make sure that
your keywords are
relevant to your content. Your user name can also
work for or against you. If
it’s short, easy to
remember, and original,
people will be more apt to
remember you. However if you are using an existing
account, you can always
change your username by
editing it on your Google+

2 Add content.

Try to upload content that is high quality, and
isn't super long. (This option
can vary depending on what
type of content you decide to
upload) Also try to upload
regularly and stay consistent with your uploads. Even if your content isn't
great at first, keep at it.
Practice makes perfect. Try
to make each video better
than the last. You will often
learn as you go. Improve your content by
either using a better
camera or trying better
editing software or
techniques. Also try to
improve the way things are filmed. Use a tripod, have a
friend help you or light
your scenes better. It all
helps for a better end
product which in turn helps
you get a better audience. By uploading regularly you
can help hold an audience.
People are more likely to
subscribe if you add content
on regular schedule, and
maintain that schedule as much as possible. Make sure to tag your
videos with key words that
describe the content, as
well as an eye-catching
description. These will help
drive people to your video from YouTube searches.

3 Gain an audience.

Building an audience is key to increasing
your monetization. You need
people to watch your ads in
order to make any money off
of them. There is no one secret
to getting more subscribers, just make the best content that
you can and they will come to
you. Keep uploading content and
try to get people hooked.
Send your video out on
Twitter and Facebook.
Share it with people.
Distribute it elsewhere on the internet. Subscribers
are essential to becoming a
partner. Interact with your viewers
by responding to comments
and making occasional
videos directly related to
viewer comments and
questions. Connecting with your community will bring
more members into that

4 Monetize your videos.

In order to start earning money
on your videos, you’ll need
to enable monetization. This
means you are allowing
YouTube to place ads in your
video. This also means that you acknowledge that there is no
copyrighted material in your
video. Go to www.youtube.com
and click "My Channel" on
the webpage. Click the link called "Video
Manager" on the top bar. Click channel and Enable on

5 Meet the requirements.

You need at least 4,000 watch
hours in the previous 12
months and 1000 subscribers
to start earning money. You can monetize a video as
it uploads by clicking the
Monetization tab and
checking the “Monetize
with Ads” box. To monetize a video after it
has been uploaded, open
your Video Manager and
click the “$” sign next to
the video that you want to
monetize. Check the “Monetize with Ads”

6 Set up Google AdSense.

You can set up Google AdSense for
free at the AdSense website.
Click the Sign Up Now button to
begin creating your account.
You must be 18 years or older
to create your own account. If you are younger than that, you
will need an adult to help you. You need either PayPal or a
bank account and a valid
mailing address as well as
other information so
AdSense can verify who
you are and who to send the money to. You only gain
money per ad click and a
smaller amount per view
but it adds up over time.
This is why having an
audience is key.

Start shearing your videos on social medics and start earning dollars

27 March, 2019

InstaNaira Review 

InstaNaira Review 
Joseph David Enya


InstaNaira is an application
created by

Mayorplay Media

. With instanaira you easily make extra income for yourself . All you need to do is to just perform
some simple tasks which includes watching videos. There are 3 video sections you can earn from
on instanaira. You will get to
know them as we ride on. You might have come across a lot
of apps that promises to pay you
after you perform some activities
but on the long run, you
discovered they are scam and
you just wasted your precious time. But, Instanaira is different…

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Start making cool money irrespective of your location. Just follow up

Start making cool money irrespective of your location. Just follow up

Making money online is not really easy come to look at it how are you shore if you invest online you will get back more in return, bot if only you follow my post you will definately find it ease. Its a fun making money even while asleep, how did you see it? So all you need do now is to subscribe here with your email or follow this blog by taping the follow button at the last part of this blog, so as to get latest meance of making money online. Its all for your own good make e no be like say we the shop alone