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(1) When you were born your
father named you Jennifer, your
mother called you Omalicha, and
now you have changed your
name on Facebook to mhiz sexzy
bae. Now who is stupid?
(2) wickedness is when you ask a
girl for her number, but she gives
you a wrong number, on getting
home you call and a native doctor
picks up the call, then you
mistakenly say hello my love..... Spiritual slap is involved
Nothing pains in this life than
when you want to throw away a
gala sachet, and you mistakenly
throway your 1000 naira note
along Lagos-Benin expressway (4) RIP is when your mother is
frying garri and you see a goat
eating the cassava, then you pick
a stone and throw, but it
mistakingly hit your mother on
the head
(5) When Angel Gabriel will finally
blow the trumpet, all our
politicians will go to hell fire,
because they will be busy looting
and they won't hear the trumpet
(6) when you are sitting alone and you hear somebody call your
name, but you look round and find
no one, don't panic your village
people just bought a new
(7) my grandmother came to me and said that her phone ringing
tone is finished, I asked her to
give me some money let me go
and download another one for
her...... All the money she
collected from my grandfather when she was young, I'll collect
them back
(8) I nearly died when I watched
Nollywood movie and saw Tonto
Dike and Oge Okoye used as
angels of God
(9) When I was in primary school,
I had two friends Solomon and
Wisdom, but they repeated
primary 3,three times each
Success is not until you have
seven cars, two helicopters and a mansion, success is also when
you are the admin of five
Facebook groups and two
WhatsApp groups, with 62,559
(11) Even Rats sef want to be among the richest animals, a rat
entered my room, instead of
going to where I kept my crayfish
and dry fish, its was heading
toward my 50 naira note.... Na
kill I kill am

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