24 April, 2018

13 April, 2018


I get lots of questions on
masturbation most especially
from ladies -yes, ladies
masturbate a lot, especially
virgins. Guys also masturbate.

There is no debate on that. I'm not here to argue about who
masturbates most, I need to deal
with a serious issue. Sexual urge for virgins is strong.
What makes it stronger is the
novelty, newness, the mystery
and the hear says about sex. Masturbation is fondling your
genitals consistently to achieve
orgasm. Ladies may stroke their
clitoris while guys rub, massage
or caress their penis. I decided to
give explicit explanation because some ask me what masturbation
is. Some ladies especiallly non-
virgins use candles, banana, small
bottles, sticks, dildos or whatever
represents a penis and do solo
sex (having sex by yourself). From teenage upward, you will
have a strong desire for sex. It's
a sure sign you are normal and
capable of having and enjoying
sex in marriage. In your 20s it
will be stronger and intense! You may wake up feeling horny for
no single reason in the world or
go hot on spotting a curvy lady!
You may start noticing shapes and
curves and you have to shake
your head several times to keep the image off. You may get
worked up on watching a
romantic movie and discharge
something. You check up and
discover you are wet. All these
are normal, you haven't committed any sin. So what then do you do when you
get hot and horny? Have sex? I
know you know my answer and
some singles will never be caught
dead sleeping around, so what do
they do? They masturbate! They give themselves release and
pleasure through solo sex while
claiming virginity at the same
time. Masturbation is completely
wrong and not the way out. Let
me explain:
1. Masturabation is not done in
isolation. It is done with the
image of someone in mind. It can
be a lover, an EX, a celebrity, a
married person, a crush,
someone you like but incapable of having. You imagine having sex
with them while masturbating.
2. For ladies, while inserting all
manner of objects, you may
mistakenly deflower yourself and
also introduce infection into your
genitals and womb. It will be
very difficult to convince your future partner that you never had
sex with man except objects
during your solo sex.
3. You kill your ability to enjoy
sex in future. Millions of women
don't enjoy sex in marriage which
leads to sexual frustration,
adultery, lesbianism and
feminism. If you are used to getting orgasm by yourself, you
won't be able to get it from your
husband. If you are used to
objects in your private part, you
won't have feelings for your
husband's penis. You will always think of something harder,
bigger, longer, larger and
completely unrealistic! Women
who complain their husbands'
penis are too small didn't marry
as virgins. They must have been promiscous as singles.
4. You will not have a good sex
life as a man. You will experience
pre-mature ejaculation and your
wife won't enjoy you leading to
acute sexual frustration in
marriage. You need self control to fully enjoy sex and give your
wife maximum sexual pleasure.
A woman enjoys sex when the
man can go on for at least 7
minutes before ejaculating.
Because you are used to instant release from masturbation, you
may not be able to go more than
a minute before exploding leaving
your wife completely unsatisfied
and frustrated. She may close up,
become frigid and stop having sex altogether which may lead to you
having an affair, she having an
affair or both of you having an
affair. Self control before
marriage helps you enjoy sex to
the maximum. You are able to delay ejaculation, go on for a long
time and have excellent orgasm
while giving your wife pleasure
too. That is why total virginity
5. If you do not suffer premature
ejaculation, you may have serious
problem with delayed/ retarded
ejaculation. A situation where you
get erection for several hours
without ejaculation or orgasm. What is the benefit of sex without
orgasm? Rough masturbation with
your hands kills your ability to
feel/enjoy sex with your wife. It
is hell for a woman to be under a
man who thrusts in for hours unable to ejaculate. How will the
woman get pregnant? It's the
reason some women are
seemingly "barren" and can't talk
to anybody out of
embarrassment. Thrusting hard for so long leaves the woman
sore, frustrated and hating sex
altogether. You have so much to
lose sexually when you
masturbate. Abstaining from this
degrading act helps you feel relaxed, confident, have normal
sexual intercourse and enjoy the
pleasures that comes with sex IN
6. You start having sex in the
dream with a known or unknown
7. You feel drained, dirty, empty,
useless and powerless after each
8. You start getting unsatisfied
and wants the real thing. You
fantasize more about sex and
start longing for the real act.
9. You get a warped view of the
opposite sex. You see them as
sexual objects and start having
sex with anything in skirt or
trousers -you become
10. You get damaged, hurt and
broken. These and more are the
consequences of masturbation.
They damage you and shatter you
to pieces! What then should you
do with your sexual urge?

do you handle the constant hunger for sex?
1. Avoid all dirty pictures,
pornography videos, pictures and
hot, romantic movies -they are
powerful sexual triggers!
2. Avoid friends who say
dirty,lewd and obscene things.
Stop all sexy banters with friends
and say only things that are pure,
holy, needful and helpful.
3. Get busy with your life,
education and career, there is
more to life than sex.
4. Study the word a lot especially
Psalm 119. When you are filled
with the word, you have no space
for the devil and his demons in
your heart.
5. Pray to God for help
6. Make friends with godly
7. Avoid pornography and
romantic movies.
8. Get busy in kingdom service. Masturbation is wrong, bad,
demonic, destructive and sinful.
Avoid it and end it with speed if
you are deeply involved in it. You can win the fight against

07 April, 2018



And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when
your obedience is fulfilled. 2
Corinthians 10:6
The agreement to disobey God is
the decision to abort destiny. The Scriptures make it abundantly
clear that there are deadly
enemies of destiny. These are
enemies that cripple one from
fulfilling destiny and God’s
purpose for one’s life. It is critical to identify these enemies
in order to guide against their
operations in one’s life.
Now, one of these deadly
enemies of destiny is a lifestyle of
disobedience. It is important to know that it
was a lifestyle of disobedience
that dislocated the destiny of
Adam and Eve; they disobeyed
God and their destinies were
aborted. This means, the agreement to disobey God is the
decision to abort destiny.
Now, I would like you to take
note of the following:
i) Disobedience to God equals
disconnection from destiny. Adam and Eve were sent from
the Garden of Eden because of
ii) Disobedience to God equals
distance from God
Disobedience to God widens a person’s distance from God. And
you know that distance from God
equals nearness to disaster.
iii) Rebellion to God provokes
rebellion from the earth
Everything rebels against the man who rebels against God.
Thorns and thistles sprang forth
from the earth as a result of the
disobedience of Adam and Eve
(Genesis 3:18).
Beloved, are there areas in your life where you have disobeyed
God? Ask Him to forgive you and
make up your mind to obey Him
from today.
Remember this:
The agreement to disobey God is the decision to abort destiny.
1. Consciously ask God for
forgiveness if there is any area of
disobedience in your life.
2. Make up your mind to live a lifestyle of obedience henceforth.
O LORD, I ask for forgiveness in
any area I have disobeyed You.
Give me the grace to obey You
promptly and totally, LORD, in Jesus’ Name.
Deuteronomy 31:1 to 32:27, Luke 12:8 to 34, Psalm 78:32 to 55,
Proverbs 12:21 to 24.
Noise causes the pupils of your
eyes to dilate. Even very small
noises can do this. TODAY IN HISTORY: 07/04/1948 -
The United Nations' World Health
Organization began operations.
If you claim to be above
correction, you are above distinction. Culled from 21 FOOLISH
The six over flooded Sunday
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05 April, 2018



SCRIPTURE: But even the very
hairs of your head are all
numbered. Fear not therefore: ye
are of more value than many
sparrows. Luke 12:7 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When you
are being devalued, it is a sign
that there is greatness in you. It has been confirmed that our
God is the God of value and worth;
this is because all His works and
creatures, including man, are
creatures of value. None of His
creatures was designed to be worthless. This is why anything
that devalues the works of God
cannot be God but satan. Hence, one weapon of the
devil’s attack on greatness is
devaluation. I give you few
examples: Joseph had great potentials and
dreams of great destiny but his
brothers devalued him and sold
him as a slave. David was another man who was
devalued; when it was time to
anoint a king, no one called him
because they thought he was not
a personality for the throne; he
wasn’t considered a royal material. What about Jesus Christ the
Creator of the universe? Judas
Iscariot valued Him at thirty
pieces of silver which was the
value of a slave. What
devaluation! When I was in Primary 2, I was
playing with my classmates one
day, then our school teacher
looked at me and said ‘Look at
that one there; you are
nothing’ (paraphrased). She concluded that I would not be
anything in life by her
assessment. But the good news is,
the same old school teacher had
come for aid many years later
and was assisted. Beloved, when you are being
devalued, it is a sign that there is
greatness in you. The truth is, no
human being can accurately
measure your value; no
examination can measure your true potentials. The fact that you
failed an examination does not
mean you are not intelligent. My counsel for you is, wipe out
your negative devaluation by
people from your mind. Renew
your mind always with God’s
Word and believe what God says
about you. Remember this: When you are
being devalued, it is a sign that
there is greatness in you. ASSIGNMENTS:
1. Do not rely on human verdict
concerning your life.
2. Reject every negative
utterance made against you by
people. 3. Renew your mind with God’s
Word always. PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for the
revelation of the true picture of
my life and destiny. Give me the
grace to believe Your Word
concerning me, Lord, in Jesus’
Deuteronomy 29:1 to 30:20, Luke
11:37 to 12:7, Psalm 78:1 to 31,
Proverbs 12:19 to 20
AMAZING FACT: Men get hiccups
more often than women. TODAY
IN HISTORY: 6/04/1875 -
Alexander Graham Bell is granted
a patent for the multiple
telegraph, which sent two signals
at the same time.
QUOTE: We live in a very wicked
world; a world with an escalation
of wicke
dness. Culled from 15
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03 April, 2018

Seed Of Destiny Wednesday, 04 April 2018 By Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche

Seed Of Destiny Wednesday, 04 April 2018 By Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche
SCRIPTURE: For I know the
thoughts that I think toward you,
saith the Lord, thoughts of peace,
and not of evil, to give you an
expected end. Jeremiah 29:11. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The right
mentality is key to destiny
fulfilment. It is important to know that
Destiny is one of the most
misunderstood subjects today.
Some people think that destiny
means fate or misfortune. That is,
whatever happens to a person is his destiny. For example, when a
man marries and his wife runs
away from him or he has an
accident and one of his legs is
amputated, people think that that
is his destiny. No! far from it. Destiny is not fate or misfortune.
Our anchor Scripture makes it
clear that whatever is evil cannot
be of God; if it is not peaceful, it
cannot be God and if it is not what
is expected, it cannot be of God. Now, we shall look at one key
fact about destiny and man’s
creation which is: man's creation
is God's Decision and Design. This means, your creation is God's
Decision and Design. Before God
formed you, He knew you
(Jeremiah 1:5). This also implies that no one on
earth is an accident of creation;
you are not a biological accident.
Even an illegitimate child who
was born out of wedlock or a
child whose parents are unknown is not an accident of creation. Even
if your parents had told you that
they had stopped child bearing
before you came unexpectedly,
still, you are not an accident of
creation. Your parents might not have planned you but God planned
and created you. This is very
important because the right
mentality is key to destiny
fulfilment. My counsel is, equip yourself with
the mentality that you are God’s
decision and design; this will
make you pursue and fulfil your
destiny. Remember this: The right
mentality is key to destiny
fulfilment. ASSIGNMENTS:
1. Debunk every negative
information or misconception
about your birth and creation.
2. Decide to understand what God
said about you in His Word; believe it and pursue it. PRAYER: O Lord, equip me with the
right mentality concerning your
purpose for my life, in Jesus’
26:1 to 27:26, Luke 10:38 to 11:13,
Psalm 76:1 to12, Proverbs 12:15
to 17 AMAZING FACT: The higher your
IQ, the more you supposedly
dream. TODAY IN HISTORY: 04/04/1687 -
King James II orders that his
declaration of indulgence be read
in church. QUOTE: When a man has future in
mind, he operates with wisdom in
the present. Culled from 21
Paul Enenche


A story from my sister

As a child, I always wished I
wore glasses. I felt people were
going to underrate my
intelligence because I don’t wear glasses.
It didn’t matter to me that I
topped most of the time while in
primary school. I still felt those
kids who wore glasses were
seen to be more intelligent, so I wanted so desperately to wear
I remember when I was in
boarding secondary school. In
my JSS 2 or so, there was an eye
test exercise in my school. Everyone including students and
teachers were to have their
eyes tested.

I joined the queue for my class,
and I got tested when it got to
my turn. I was so disappointed when the result came out and I
was told that my eyes are
perfect, and I wouldn’t need
glasses. I envied all my friends
who had glasses recommended
for them. So, I decided to join the queue
again. This time around, I forced
myself to cry, and scratched my
eyes for nothing. I thought that
would make the result appear
positive for eye problem. I had the test done, and it still came
out clear.
Now, this was becoming
frustrating for me.
Well, I decided to join the queue
again determined to cry and scratch my eyes even more
when it gets to my turn. But I
was caught. One of the team of
optometrists was like
“Haven’t I check you once or
twice since the exercise began?”
I was chased out of the queue,
and my Principal even told me
that she doesn’t want to see
me around there again. That
I’m fine. So, one of the team members
asked me to come. She asked
what the problem was, and I lied
that I had difficulty seeing, and I
think they need to recommend
reading glasses for me as a matter of urgency. That no
matter the price, my parents will
She laughed and said “We’ve
checked your eyes twice, and
they are fine. Do you want fancy glasses? We have plain glasses
that look like recommended
glasses. We have them for kids
like you who fancy wearing
glasses, but with no medical
need for them.” And that was how this woman
asked me to tell my Dad or Mum
to pick up a note from my
teacher when they come around
on visiting day or vacation day.
Long story short, my parents refused to indulge me by buying
me plain glasses. My Mum told
me that if I needed glasses to
feel intelligent, then that’s a
sign of unintelligence. My Mum
felt that if they get me glasses, I might never accept myself as
intelligent without glasses, so
my parents unanimously refused
to get me plain glasses.
They talked me into believing
that with or without wearing glasses, I was a very intelligent
Now, I was a child obsessed with
glasses. I don’t know how this
thing got into my head, all I
know is that people who used glasses look more intelligent. I
still think so till today.
I was already in the University
before I fully outgrew the
obsession and urge to get myself
glasses for no reason. I’ve always been one who is
obsessed with intelligence, IQ
and my cognitive skills.
Tell me I’m ugly, and I consider
it a random insult like telling me
“you are crazy”. But tell me that I’m dumb or
any line to insinuate that I’m of
low IQ or intelligence, and that to
me is the worst insult I can get.
On Facebook, it will pain me so
much, I’m most likely going to block you. I have always wanted to flaunt
my intelligence, and all my life
till the age of 20, I thought
wearing reading glasses was the
best way to scream to everyone
that I was intelligent. But after years of doing some
growing up, I came to accept that
I’m a highly intelligent woman
who is also fortunate to have
good eyes, and thus don’t need
glasses. And I came to accept that the absence of reading
glasses is not the absence of high

My both parents started wearing
glasses in their 40s. I’m most
likely going to start wearing glasses at that age too.
I’m now even making efforts
to make sure I go without
glasses for a long time. I asked
my friend who is an optometrist
what I can do to protect my eyes, considering the fact that
my long term career would
require me to face computer
screens a lot, which depreciates
the eyes faster. I have grown
from a young girl who desperately wanted reading
glasses to a young woman who
is making effort to protect her
eyes so she can go a long way
without needing reading glasses.
My name is Nkechi Cheery Bianze. I am a very intelligent
woman. My eyes are perfect,
and I don’t need to use eye
glasses for now.

02 April, 2018


What is evil money and what are
the consequences of making and
spending evil money? Discover it
in the concluding part of this life-
transforming message by Dr
Pastor Paul Enenche.

What is evil money and what are
the consequences of making and
spending evil money? Discover it
in this life-transforming message
by Dr Pastor Paul Enenche.



But Mary stood without at the
sepulchre weeping: and as she wept, she stooped down, and
looked into the sepulchre, And
seeth two angels in white sitting,
the one at the head, and the other
at the feet, where the body of
Jesus had lain. John 20:11-12. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:
Your revelation is directly
proportional to your desperation.
In our study yesterday, we
looked at the significance of
Easter; we saw that Life is stronger than death and that light
is stronger than darkness.
Today, being the first day after
Easter, we shall look at a Post
Resurrection manifestation of
Jesus Christ. The Scripture makes it clear that
Mary was the first person to
discover Jesus’ Resurrection;
she went to the tomb early in the
morning on the third day after
Jesus’ Death and discovered an empty tomb. So, she ran to tell
the disciples. The two disciples
(Peter and the other disciple) ran
to the tomb and saw linen cloths
lying and a napkin and were
convinced that Jesus had resurrected and then, they
returned home.
But Mary refused to go home. She
remained at the tomb and began
to cry passionately. Later on she
saw two Angels and then, Jesus appeared to her. Excitedly, she
rushed to touch Jesus but He said,
‘Do not touch me yet, Mary. I
was heading to the Heavenly
Holies of Holies to offer my Blood
for the atonement of the sins of humanity but your passion pulled
me back. I have to go to my
Father first. Go and tell my
brethren that I have
resurrected.’ (Mathew 28:10
Paraphrased). The two disciples missed the revelations of both the
angels and Jesus because they
were not desperate enough; they
were satisfied with seeing just
the napkin and linen cloths as
evidence that Jesus had actually resurrected.
Beloved, your revelation is
directly proportional to your
desperation; your level of
desperation determines your
depth of revelation. The intensity of your passion determines the
depth of your revelation. There
are many things around us in life
that we cannot see because of
lack of passion. Some people think
that God is partial by showing things to some people while
others can see nothing. The truth
is, God is never partial. God has
no favourites; He only has
I decree the opening of your eyes as you deepen your desperation
for God in Jesus’ Name.
Remember this:
Your revelation is directly
proportional to your desperation.
ASSIGNMENTS: 1. Carefully study the Book of
John 20:1-20.
2. Decide to heighten your passion
and desperation for God in order
to increase your depth of
revelation in life. PRAYER:
O LORD, I ask for the grace for a
die-less passion for You; Open my
eyes to see You, LORD, in Jesus’
DAILY READING: Deuteronomy
21:1 to 22 30, Luke 9:51 to 10:12,
Psalm 74:1 to 23, Proverbs 12:11
AMAZING FACT: Rubber bands last longer when
TODAY IN HISTORY: 2/04/1902 -
The first motion picture theatre
opens in Los Angeles with the
name Electric Theatre QUOTE:
Revelation guarantees
destination…the revelation of the
WORD of God will take you to
where God wants you to reach in
life. Culled from 22 LAWS OF LIFE (Vol. 2) by Dr Paul Enenche.
The Healing and Deliverance
service tomorrow by 9 am. Come
with your friends and loved ones.