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A story from my sister

As a child, I always wished I
wore glasses. I felt people were
going to underrate my
intelligence because I don’t wear glasses.
It didn’t matter to me that I
topped most of the time while in
primary school. I still felt those
kids who wore glasses were
seen to be more intelligent, so I wanted so desperately to wear
I remember when I was in
boarding secondary school. In
my JSS 2 or so, there was an eye
test exercise in my school. Everyone including students and
teachers were to have their
eyes tested.

I joined the queue for my class,
and I got tested when it got to
my turn. I was so disappointed when the result came out and I
was told that my eyes are
perfect, and I wouldn’t need
glasses. I envied all my friends
who had glasses recommended
for them. So, I decided to join the queue
again. This time around, I forced
myself to cry, and scratched my
eyes for nothing. I thought that
would make the result appear
positive for eye problem. I had the test done, and it still came
out clear.
Now, this was becoming
frustrating for me.
Well, I decided to join the queue
again determined to cry and scratch my eyes even more
when it gets to my turn. But I
was caught. One of the team of
optometrists was like
“Haven’t I check you once or
twice since the exercise began?”
I was chased out of the queue,
and my Principal even told me
that she doesn’t want to see
me around there again. That
I’m fine. So, one of the team members
asked me to come. She asked
what the problem was, and I lied
that I had difficulty seeing, and I
think they need to recommend
reading glasses for me as a matter of urgency. That no
matter the price, my parents will
She laughed and said “We’ve
checked your eyes twice, and
they are fine. Do you want fancy glasses? We have plain glasses
that look like recommended
glasses. We have them for kids
like you who fancy wearing
glasses, but with no medical
need for them.” And that was how this woman
asked me to tell my Dad or Mum
to pick up a note from my
teacher when they come around
on visiting day or vacation day.
Long story short, my parents refused to indulge me by buying
me plain glasses. My Mum told
me that if I needed glasses to
feel intelligent, then that’s a
sign of unintelligence. My Mum
felt that if they get me glasses, I might never accept myself as
intelligent without glasses, so
my parents unanimously refused
to get me plain glasses.
They talked me into believing
that with or without wearing glasses, I was a very intelligent
Now, I was a child obsessed with
glasses. I don’t know how this
thing got into my head, all I
know is that people who used glasses look more intelligent. I
still think so till today.
I was already in the University
before I fully outgrew the
obsession and urge to get myself
glasses for no reason. I’ve always been one who is
obsessed with intelligence, IQ
and my cognitive skills.
Tell me I’m ugly, and I consider
it a random insult like telling me
“you are crazy”. But tell me that I’m dumb or
any line to insinuate that I’m of
low IQ or intelligence, and that to
me is the worst insult I can get.
On Facebook, it will pain me so
much, I’m most likely going to block you. I have always wanted to flaunt
my intelligence, and all my life
till the age of 20, I thought
wearing reading glasses was the
best way to scream to everyone
that I was intelligent. But after years of doing some
growing up, I came to accept that
I’m a highly intelligent woman
who is also fortunate to have
good eyes, and thus don’t need
glasses. And I came to accept that the absence of reading
glasses is not the absence of high

My both parents started wearing
glasses in their 40s. I’m most
likely going to start wearing glasses at that age too.
I’m now even making efforts
to make sure I go without
glasses for a long time. I asked
my friend who is an optometrist
what I can do to protect my eyes, considering the fact that
my long term career would
require me to face computer
screens a lot, which depreciates
the eyes faster. I have grown
from a young girl who desperately wanted reading
glasses to a young woman who
is making effort to protect her
eyes so she can go a long way
without needing reading glasses.
My name is Nkechi Cheery Bianze. I am a very intelligent
woman. My eyes are perfect,
and I don’t need to use eye
glasses for now.

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