29 May, 2018

FRSC Recruitment 2018 Form IS Now Here – See How to Apply now

FRSC Recruitment 2018 Form IS Now Here – See How to Apply now
Are you in search of FRSC Recruitment 2018 Form? If yes, then we have listed FRSC Vacant
positions recruitment.frsc.gov.ng
Today. Federal Road Safety Corps
shortlisted candidates for
2018/2019 physical/certificate
screening/verification is out. This page will help you discover
latest jobs in FRSC. So if you’re
ready to secure a high paying
jobs in the FRSC, then keep
reading. FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps)
recruitment 2018 is mainly for
FRSC job lover’s. If you have
passion working in the Federal
Road Safety Corps, then you’ll
surely get a career opportunity in FRSC. First, you’ll need to know that
FRSC 2018 recruitment is for
graduates and non-graduate.
You’ll have to make your
choice, but that deeply depend on
your certificate.

FRSC Recruitment 2018
requirements If you want to get a high paying job at FRSC Nigeria, then you’ll need to know what the
requirements are. FRSC 2018 recruitment form is
online base, now, let’s help you
with all the recruitment

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Police 2018/2019 Recruitment
¤ www.policerecruitment.ng

FRSC Recruitment 2018
requirements for Non-
Graduates Jobs On this sections, we’ll be
discussing about things that are
needed for undergraduate
employment in FRSC. Firstly, you’ll need to have an
olevel certificate from a
government authorized high
school (Secondary school) A voters card or driving licence
can serve as your ID card.

You don’t have to pay anyone to
help you get a job in FRSC.

Prisons service recruitment form is Out

Prisons service recruitment form is Out
Dont miss this opportunity

www.prisons.gov.ng |
Nigerian Prisons Service 2018
Form recruitment Portal,
Apply Here

First, let’s make it clear to you
that www.prisons.gov.ng or
recruit is the official portal of
Nigerian Prisons Service online
recruitment. Note: We will never ask you
apply any money for any
recruitment update on this
website. You will all jobs updates
on this websites for Free. You have to note that we do not
recruit for Nigerian Prisons
Service, all we do here is to give
you vital information that will
help you apply for Nigerian
Prisons Service 2018 recruitment when the form is online. If you read an understand the
information about Nigerian
Prisons Service online
Recruitment 2018 we have on this
page, you will stand out in all
stages of NPS 2018 recruitment. We are going to show you the
basic requires, the educational
requirement, age requirements
and above all how to apply for
NPS form online.
You have to take this guide very
serious, we are to show you the
perfect guide that will help you
scale through in any Nigerian
Prisons Service jobs.

See All the
requirements bellow
A Bachelor or Master’s Degree
in other relevant discipline in the
quantitative field
Or Higher Nigerian Prisons
Service in relevant discipline in
the quantitative field Computer literacy and conversant
with Microsoft office, Web
Applications and the use of
relevant applications for efficient
delivery of service.

If you need update, kindly
comment on the comment box
below so we can update ON
Nigerian Prisons Service
recruitment 2018 form out. How to Apply for NPS
Recruitment 2018/2019 You can visit Nigerian Prisons
Service recruitment 2018 online
portal via www.prisons.gov.ng or simply follow the guidelines
below. Apply Here : recruit.prisonsportal.com.ng/
recruit Do you want to get latest new
update about this year Nigerian Prisons Service recruitment
2018? if yes, kindly comment below now.

25 May, 2018




*DATE: 23RD MAY 2018



*TEXT* : I SAM.2vs6

1. (Mention your name) hear the
word of the Lord,arise,enlarge
and shine.

God has the power to kill and to
rise,that raising power is what
we call the resurrection power. It
was that power of resurrection
that appeared in the cemetery where Lazarus was buried. Apart
from the power to kill, God can
also make alive. God in is wisdom
knows that certain things cannot
happen until certain things die.
The most powerful scriptural verses is found in the book of
Isaiah the great prophet. But until
King Usaiah died, I saw the Lord.
That king Usaiah is the power that
needs to die. Until that king
Usaiah died, Isaiah was no where to be found. God knows that
certain things had to go for some
things to come up. Until Elijah
slaughtered all the Baal before
rain fell. This is why God also kill.
The prophets in the bible operates with two legs, *"the curses and
the blessings"*
*Death has several meanings*.
1. To stop living
2. To loose force
3. To stop worming
4. To expire
5.To seize
6. To pass away
7.To fade away
8.To disappear
9.To finish
10.To eradicate
12.To dissolve
13.To come to an end
Death does not necessarily means
that somebody stop breathing.
God pronounced Adam dead but
he lived 930 years, that means it was a spiritual death and not
physical death.
That death is a spiritual death and
not the physical. When you pray
that a power should die, the
power will die but the owner of the power is not dead. When we
say God killeth, Spirits do not die
but it is possible to stop them
from carrying out their evil
functions. We pray against
powers, principalities, gates and evil alters. Your own death might
be your cigarette, masturbation
you are doing etc. God is the
ultimate killing agent. Anything
that wants to kill you must be
killed, you need to kill it, be it ulcer, headache, malaria, diabetes
etc, you need to kill them.

*Any killing agent in your body, I
kill them now in the name of

*Every failure assigned against you shall fail in Jesus name*.

*Every source of trouble,
backwardness, frustration in any
ones life, I kill them now*.

*Any coven assigned against you
shall be visited tonight by the killing power of God*.
There was 3 men, they discovered
that there is rat that normally eat
their food, clothes even theirs
slippers but they didn't know
where the rat always comes
from until one of them have the opportunity to pray fire
prayers, the next day the rat was
caught, killed and threw into the
dustbin, the next morning, an old
man came to knock on their door
and asked if they saw a rat and they replied are you the rat ?.
Immediately the man went home
and died.
*I pray for somebody here, any
power transforming into any
creature to eat goods from you shall die in the name of Jesus*. He passed by a fig tree and there
was noting to eat from it and he
pronounced that no mam shall eat
from thee henceforth and the next
day, the tree has dried up. Goliath
was a killer, but he met David who was a great killer. The
prophets of Baal were killers but
they met Elijah the greatest killer.
Lot's wife turn to salt, God killed
him. Sodom and Gomorrah was
destroyed by brimstone, by the killing power of God, he killed the
Egyptians first born. *If you did
not kill, you will be killed*. You
are on earth on a mission to kill
sin, unrighteousness, rebellion etc.
You need to visit the office of the holy spirit where they anoint
people with killing words.
Destroying is stronger than
*Raise your right hand to the
heavens and pray this* Every work of darkness in my
life, I kill you now.
You must kill anything that wants
to kill you. God is a killer and the
devil is also a killer, you must
also be a killer. One thing can make you to be a
°*Closeness to God*.-
Tbe closer
you are to God, the more you can
be like him and vice versa. *PRAYERS AFTER MINISTRATION*
1. Powers assigned to kill me, I
kill you now.
2. Vision killers, your time is
up, die.
3. Beginning from today,wicked powers appearing in my
dream, die.


16 May, 2018

Breaking News must read: A lady called an aboki man....Read more

Breaking news..........
Must read........
A Lady called an aboki man as we
call them, a shoe maker to help
her fix her slippers...
She allowed him stay inside their compound, while she went inside
to continue wat she was doing....
When he was fixing the slippers,
he added something under before
stiching it bk... Luckily for the
lady, her landlord was at the balcony watching the aboki
without his knowledge. When he
was through he called to tell her
that he has finished.
She came out, he told he to try it
on her leg to make sure it was ok. Her landlord shouted from
upstairs "" no oh, don't put ur leg
in that slippers, I'm coming ""..
He came downstairs; forced the
aboki to put his leg in the slippers,
the aboki man refused, he call neighbours, they all gathered n
forced the aboki man to put his
leg, immediately he put his leg in
the slippers, guesss wat
Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! The slippers just cut..
He did not sew it well..........
The end......☺☺☺☺☺☺