10 October, 2018



Dear Atiku,
You must be fair to all Nigerian
You cannot share $5,000 to
delegates then tell us to join you
to rescue Nigeria. For us to vote, you have to let the
$5,000 go round each voter else
no vote.
The arithmetic is very simple. It
is $5,000 X 180 million Nigerians
= how much? Chicken change for you Sir, just $900m. I know you
are richer than Nigeria as a
Since you have started with vote
buying,pls complete it abeg you
Sir. You cannot buy delegates
conscience and expect love from
Nigerians freely and just like that.
Anything less than $5,000 no deal
It will be completely unfair Sir. Delegates cannot be smiling to the
Banks after voting for you as a
presidential candidate then the
real electorates who will
determine your presidency will
be asked to be patriotic. Patriotism should have started
from when you were canvassing
for delegates vote.
I did be grateful Sir.
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