31 December, 2018

Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers

Killer Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers
We already had enough conversation about BlogSpot or WordPress and for one reason I don’t like BlogSpot much is because the limitation of optimizing it for the search engine. There are many BlogSpot SEO guides that you will find on The Internet, and many of them are related to template editing and all, but in WordPress, plugins make it easier to optimize your blog.
Anyhow, I’m not here to disappoint my BlogSpot friends. Instead, I will be sharing some cool BlogSpot SEO tips which will help you to get better ranking. Blog-Spot being a free Blogging platform, it’s always a preferred platform to start Blogging and learn the basics.
Google Blogger is free and easy to use web publishing tool. Many bloggers initially use Blogger and then Migrate to WordPress complaining about the lack of official templates, post SEO friendliness, plugins, etc., We have already discussed this in our previous post with the little effort we can make Blogger posts SEO friendly and an effective free medium for online business. So here I have collected some search engine optimization (SEO) tips for Blogspot blogs arranged in no order.

BlogSpot SEO: Useful Tips and Tricks

When we talk about SEO, very first thing which you need to keep in mind is: We can control on site and off site SEO. On Page SEO is covered by you which includes article quality, how well it’s optimized for Keyword and meta value for that article. No need, to feel furious or lost with above SEO terminology, as below mentioned guide will help you to learn every basic and make your Blogger blog more search engine friendly.

Format Blogger post URL link
Permalink plays a great role in search engine ranking of your post. There are few rules which everyone should follow for Blogspot permalinks:
  • Keep the number of characters in post title to 50
  • Remove Stop Words from permalink (Ex: A, An, The)
While writing a blog post, you have the option to edit the permalink. Simply use it to edit your permalink and remove the stop words. A good idea is just to use Keywords in your permalink. (Don’t make it look spammy). While writing the blog post, you get the option in your right panel to keep it automatic permalink or manual permalink. Simply select manual permalink and edit it according to your wish. Check this screenshot for example:

Harsh has already covered this feature in detail, and you can read it over here: How to use the custom permalink for BlogSpot blogs.

Maintain the keyword density
Keyword density is an important aspect for better ranking. Too less will lead to less ranking and stuffing your Keyword will lead to over optimization. I usually maintain a ratio of 2%/post. Though, you can pick keyword density for your Blogpost SEO, account to one which works for you. Publish articles in relevance to post title and include necessary keywords in the post. Never stuff keywords to manipulate search engines. But after finish writing, you can analyze the whole post to find out suitable locations where the keywords can be safely inserted without distracting readers.
Blogspot proper labels and related posts
Label adds to the keyword density of the post. Labels should be widened rather than putting them into the single narrow category.I will explain this point by an example. Consider a situation when you are posting about Google Chrome and putting them into label Windows software’s or browser. Here you will miss keywords like Chrome browser, Google chrome, etc. which would otherwise add to the keyword density of the whole post. Labels also affect related posts widgets in Blogger.And if there are so many posts tagged with similar labels, it would affect the arrangement of articles in related posts.
Format Blogger post title
When we talk about BlogSpot SEO, post title plays a major role. Blogger post title is usually followed by home page title. Have a look at the image shown below.
blogger-post-titleHere the post title should be “city of (long-distance ) Love! “. But the title is included in the home page title ” Still in Berlin “, and this would harm the SEO friendliness of the article title. Here is how to fix this. Go to Blogger edit HTML > find out code section
and replace it with
<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
Now the individual pages will have post title itself.
Format Blogspot images for SEO
We have already shared a detailed article on Image optimization for SEO and basis of optimization your image on BlogSpot is by adding alt tag and title tags in every image. In WordPress, this could be easily achieved by using plugins but in BlogSpot, this needs to be done manually. You should insert them manually after uploading each image. Here is ShoutMeLoud popular guide on Image optimization for SEO.
Provide meta tags
Meta tags are generated HTML tags used by search engines to identify the title, description, and other details of a URL. They don’t have much influence on search as they were before, but would make a slight impact on targeted keywords.
Provide good title, description, and footer text
The title, footer, and description plays an important role in search engine optimization of every blog. If you are targeting, some keywords make sure that you included those keywords in the above-mentioned locations.
Nofollow external links
Nofollow is an HTML attribute specified on hyperlinks to block search engine advantage of external links in a website. In Blogger, you can select HTML section of the post window and add rel=”nofollow” attribute just after URL to prevent search engines from crawling a particular link. Also read: How to add nofollow link attribute to any link.
Format comment section
The Comment section should be no-followed and moderated to avoid spam comments. Try to include the post keywords when you are replying to reader comments. This would also add up to the total keyword density of the post. Since Google have integrated Google plus comment form with BlogSpot, I highly recommend you to enable it. This will ensure that you get higher social media interaction and share for your post.
Blogspot is Google’s baby blogging platform, and if you do it right probably, you will be doing great regarding traffic. Always get your basic right.
If you like this article, don’t forget to tweet and stumble. Further, you might like to read Following articles for Blogspot blogs:
I hope this guide will give you a much better idea about BlogSpot SEO, though my suggestion would be when you think you are ready with Blogging and had enough experience on BlogSpot, move to WordPress. Here is a wonderful guide for WordPress, which will help you to get started.

23 December, 2018

Trick to earn money online at home (NEW)

Trick to earn money online at home (NEW)
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In other not to wast your time let me give you the signup link click on this link https://zinoly.com/r/32293 or click on the red letter image bellow

22 December, 2018

The sweetest meat on earth

The sweetest meat on earth

I'm happy gues what.......
Gues now!

I just killed an animal at least once in a while no matter the civilization still need to flash back, dont mind asking me if i ate it or notoo cause i wunt answer you, why do you even whan to know? bot am filling guilty for murdering a life, in fact am angry see the way a just murderd this guy as if... Let me not talk.
Bot to be frank that meat was sweet-oh, no no no it was a good one in fact ehh you cant wait to tast it, eating that meat is a dream come through am serious!
Bot if you know you have ever eaten it and you know the animal very well comment the name bellow, trust me if you get it right i will dash you something.

13 December, 2018



There is God!
I boarded a car from Abuja to Imo
state for a burial ceremony but
shortly after boarding the vehicle
I realised I was in a wrong company. It was at that instance
that I picked my phone to call my
daughter by name NENE and
informed her that I was with
some wrong people and never
knew where I was being taking. Then one of the men quickly
snatched the phone off my hand
and dropped it in the car. I then
started shouting and declaring
that there shall be no loss but one
them shouted back at me in Igbo meaning ‘you are already lost
screaming there shall be no
loss’. We got to a particular
place where they asked all of us
to remove our cloths and then
hurled us into a dark room after tying our faces with a black
napkin. Within a few minutes,
another set of victims arrived in a
truck and were pushed to join us.
But I had a wrist band belonging
to Dunamis church and written "too defended to be defeated".
When they opened the dark room
on the second night, they saw the
wrist band sparkly in the dark
and thought it was a phone and
shouted at us ‘who brought a phone here?’ reaching out to
grasp my hand, but I told them it
was not a phone it was my church
wrist band. The man murmured
at me and said ‘all these witch
talking about church’. So they separated me from the crowd and
took me to a particular corner
close to the gate. As I was there
behold another set of people
were brought in a car, then the
man left me alone in front of the gate to open the gate and also
followed the car inside leaving
me behind all alone. That was
when I got the courage to escape
into the jungle that night where I
was later picked up by the hunters who got me reconnected
with my family. I have come to
return all glory to God.
Sister joy Ikechukwu




SCRIPTURE: The Lord hear thee in
the day of trouble; the name of
the God of Jacob defend thee; Send
thee help from the sanctuary, and
strengthen thee out of Zion;
Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah.
Psalms 20:1-3

willingness to sacrifice is an
indication of our devotion to God.
A sacrificial life is a life that is
committed fully and
wholeheartedly to the things of God. A sacrificial person is one
that is ready to give his/her life,
time, resources and energy for
the purpose of the Kingdom of
God. Our willingness to sacrifice is
an indication of our devotion to God. This means that whatever
God demands of us per time is
releasable to him. To be in covenant with God is to
live the life of sacrifice.
Now, what does the life of
sacrifice do in a life of a person?

1. Sacrifice facilitates the reversal
of curses When God saw the sacrifice of
Noah, He promised not to curse
the ground again for man’s
sake (Genesis 8:21). This implies
that your sacrifice can neutralise
every generational, family or witchcraft curse against your life.
A person of sacrifice is not be-
witchable, curse-able or charm-
2. Sacrifice and covenant living
activate the intervention of God in
times of trouble (Psalm 50:5,
God remembers your sacrifice
and intervenes in times of trouble. Beloved, my counsel is, maintain
an unwavering commitment to
God by living a life of sacrifice. Be
so committed until God bears you
witness and can even boast about
you. Do not move about looking for human approval because most
times, human approval does not
equal Divine verdict. God can
never do serious things with
unserious people. Be serious with
God in your covenant walk with Him.

REMEMBER THIS: Our willingness to
sacrifice is an indication of our
devotion to God.


1. Use your gift, talents, time,
resources etc. to serve God

2. Avoid the lifestyle of grumbling
and complaining

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask that You
help me to live a life of sacrifice. I
refuse to murmur and complain. I
lay my all at Your Feet, Lord in
Jesus Name.

OF THE COVENANT QUOTE: Do not do anything at all, if
you are not willing to do it well.

Culled from 21 UNCOMMON KEYS
Paul Enenche DAILY READING: 1 Chronicles 19:1
to 21:30, Romans 2:25 to 3:8,
Psalm 11:1 to 7, Proverbs 19:10 to
AMAZING FACT: You share your
birthday with at least 9 million
other people in the world.
TODAY IN HISTORY: 15/12/1891 -
James Naismith invented the
sport of basketball.

09 December, 2018



That man up there is the Samson of our
generation he killed a lion
some days ago 6/12/2018 at kogi
state ogbonicha.
Do you know the most funniest part of it? that we still have lion somewhere in the forest here in Nigeria
I just pray make government no arrest the man, you know its some how against THE LAW
Bot this our government self if ther see crude oil for your back-yard e go automaticaly become thier own, bot if there see weed! if you know you know let of just stop there.

07 December, 2018

Trick to earn 100k in less than 24 hour

Trick to earn 100k in less than 24 hour
Trick to Earn N100k in Next 24 Hours.. using N9k ***************
NOTE: This is an estimate.
NOTE 2: This is for only those who
can take the risk anyway..... Steps:
1. Have a digital Product or
Service that you sell for N5,000 (It
has to be a product that is in high
For Example: In online marketing in Nigeria, it could be PayPal
eBook or whatever...
2. Get a List of 3000 Active Phone
Numbers of People who are
Product. I repeat, don't just pack numbers
and send, don't spam.
Only get Numbers of Highly
targeted people (Really Interested in what you are promoting) (This way you're giving them value or solution to their problem) (This
way, we are not disturbing them)
I can get you the active numbers
of people from any Facebook
Group related to your business.
e.g. Make Money Online Facebook Groups Numbers (For make
money online products)
3. Go to Awogor Matthew 's site ==>https://awogorm.com/send- bulk-sms 4. Paste the numbers, put sender
name, and write your sms
Sending SMS to these 3,000
numbers won't cost you more
than N9,000 (Yes I mean it)
To Airtel is around N1.99 Per No, and MTN around N2.
So sending will Cost you not less
than N9,000
5... BOOM!
Your message would be delivered
to 3,000 recipients immediately (No wasting time bloda)
Calculations Now
Out of those 3000 recipients:
--- If 20 People order your
product = N5000 x 20 = N100k --- If 30 People order = N5000 x
30 = N150k
--- If 50 People order = N5000 x
50 = N250k
And so on:
and if Village People are not following you upandan, Its
guaranteed atleast 10 people out
of 3000 peeps will order your
Is this not shumtin? Ask me any question in the
comment Section.
By Prosper Noah