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There is God!
I boarded a car from Abuja to Imo
state for a burial ceremony but
shortly after boarding the vehicle
I realised I was in a wrong company. It was at that instance
that I picked my phone to call my
daughter by name NENE and
informed her that I was with
some wrong people and never
knew where I was being taking. Then one of the men quickly
snatched the phone off my hand
and dropped it in the car. I then
started shouting and declaring
that there shall be no loss but one
them shouted back at me in Igbo meaning ‘you are already lost
screaming there shall be no
loss’. We got to a particular
place where they asked all of us
to remove our cloths and then
hurled us into a dark room after tying our faces with a black
napkin. Within a few minutes,
another set of victims arrived in a
truck and were pushed to join us.
But I had a wrist band belonging
to Dunamis church and written "too defended to be defeated".
When they opened the dark room
on the second night, they saw the
wrist band sparkly in the dark
and thought it was a phone and
shouted at us ‘who brought a phone here?’ reaching out to
grasp my hand, but I told them it
was not a phone it was my church
wrist band. The man murmured
at me and said ‘all these witch
talking about church’. So they separated me from the crowd and
took me to a particular corner
close to the gate. As I was there
behold another set of people
were brought in a car, then the
man left me alone in front of the gate to open the gate and also
followed the car inside leaving
me behind all alone. That was
when I got the courage to escape
into the jungle that night where I
was later picked up by the hunters who got me reconnected
with my family. I have come to
return all glory to God.
Sister joy Ikechukwu

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