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I don't know why my father will not allow my mother to rest!

We were watching a movie.
Immediately they showed where
two lovers were kissing deeply, my father
stood up and
entered the room, called my
mother to give him
I told my mum not to worry, let me go and
give him water. 3minutes later,
he called my
mum again to bring his shirt he
left on the
chair. I rushed and gave him the shirt plus
including all his clothes hanged on
the door.
This time, my mum look at me
with one
expression in her eyes that I am yet to
Seconds after, he called my mum
again to
come and collect the money she
asked for yesterday.
I was telling my mum to let me
go and collect
it for her but before I finished
talking, my
mum stood up and rushed into the room to
meet him, up till now, she is not
yet out.
Somebody that complained that
she is weak and
sick just now. The door is locked too.
I wonder how much my father is
giving my
mum that they have not finished
Must they even lock door to count money?
Now, I want to sweep my daddy's
should I knock?

By Glorious Hen Glorious.

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