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What comes to boys mind wen she comes for visits

Some guys do think that any girl
that visited him, came for sex.
No bro!
Any true and genuine girl might
not come for sex.

She visits you, all you think of is
My bro, visiting you was an
opportunity for you to make her
trust you.
Visiting you was an opportunity for her to gain your emotional

Visiting you was an opportunity
for you to see if you can work

But all you could see in her, is to
imagine how sweet she will be on
Boom, you carried her to your
small mattress, she said, "no" lets
not rush into this. You paid deaf ear and either
raped her or pressurized her into
having sex with you.
After that, you tell her, "baby am
sorry, it was the devils

Why not seat and have a heart to
heart talk with, look straight into
her eyes and let her see how
sincere you are.

Why not hold her hands and let
her feel the strength of you ready
to support her hand.

Why not try a cooking together in
the kitchen to make her believe
your supportive abilities?

Why not play some games with
her, joke, laugh and make her
trust your jovial and social

Why not read your bible with her
to let her see your spiritual
leadership qualities?

Why not read novels, books etc
with her to make her believe
your intellectual and brilliance

That's why I do tell some guys,
buy ludo, whot, bible, novels etc
and not condom.

When you know you have bible,
novels, ludo or whot at home, you
will surely want to play with her.
But when you know you have
condom at home, you will surely
think of using it.

Thinking or imagining sex will
never allow you see her worth.

Be a good boy I Love you

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