15 May, 2019

CAST9JA: What is this Country turning into..can't believe this is happening............


They are now in Abuja oooo! This
happened in Ile Ife this evening. A lady called a shoe maker to help
fix her slippers.
She allowed him stay in their
compound, while she went back
inside to continue with what she
was doing. When he was fixing her slippers,
he added
something under before stitching
it back. Luckily for the Lady, her
landlord was at the balcony
watching the Shoemaker without his knowledge. When he was
through, he called her to tell her
that he has finished. She came out,
he told her to try it on her leg to
make sure it was OK.

Her landlord shouted from upstairs 'no oh,
don't put your leg in that slippers
I'm coming.
He came downstairs;
forced the shoemaker to put his
leg in the slippers, the shoemaker
refused. Then he alerted neighbours. So, they all gathered,
forced him to wear the slippers.
Immediately he put his leg in the
slippers, Guess what happened??

Hmmmmmmmm !!!!!.
My God!!!

The slippers cut... He did not sew it well... Thank you for your time

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