06 September, 2019

Messi Has Right To Terminate Barca Contract

Footballing superstar Lionel Messi may be contracted to Barcelona until 2021, but the Argentine has the option to walk away from Camp Nou at the end of this season.
The five-time Ballon d’Or winner signed his current deal with the Catalan club in November 2017, though there are talks of a renewal for months.
However, Messi has not put his signature on a new contract so far, and the club’s star player has no obligation to stay for another two years.
_El Pais_ has reported thanks to a clause in his deal, Messi has the unilateral right to walk away from Camp Nou after turning 32.
The attacker celebrated his 32nd birthday in June, meaning he could have opted to end his almost 20-year association with the Blaugrana.
The clause means Messi can decide to terminate his contract every June 30, though he is not the first player the club have given that right.
Barca legends Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta and Xavi were all afforded the luxury of being allowed to call time on their careers every year at the same age.


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