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CAST9JA: Engr. Abbas Is A Top Notch Leader

A little depth into the person of Engr. Abbas has always been one of the biggest step I took after knowing Him because that opened up My Heart in an exceptional way following His eloquent approach and His unwavering show of responsibility and integrity in office as a Leader.

To be honest, I never anticipated Him giving Me a beautiful warmth welcome despite just meeting Me for the very first time and with His calm and humble response and approach all through My discussions with Him I felt so at home and comfortable while talking with Him.

Leadership like I know is about being humble and kind to others, and all this are the qualities exhibited by Engr. Abbas who never showed any sign or form of displeasure towards My visit to Him.

You could have seen how tender Engr. Abbas was while talking to Me, He was gentle at Me and responded confidently and passionately while standing in the gap for what He believes in knowing that no matter what happens His individuality cannot be compromised for the sake of publicity or reputation because He spake with greater level of trust and beauty.

Extensively I can say that Engr. Abbas is someone I met just once in My life, but that one time experience was a life changing experience because I never thought with His level in life He'd give Me the attention He gave, not to even talk about having a discussion with Him which was an opportunity I can never regret about.

Engr. Abbas is a calm and composed Leader, bold in His words and actions, generous with His time and resources, considerate, persistent, resilient, determined and empathetic towards the less privileged ones and He never puts out any negative attitude towards anyone. 

His composure is without doubt a gift to be grateful for because such traits can only be found in those who truly understands and appreciates Humanity whole hearted.

I must be honest to tell You that, Engr. Abbas is simple to approach, warmth and be rightly sure that He doesn't underrate or take for granted the love and goodwill of those around Him as some would do and this is because He knows the beauty of humility and being kind to those in distressing situation has always been His priority.

It is therefore My desire to let everyone or anyone reading this to know that Engr. Abbas is a faithful and honest Leader and being reliable is just what He knows how to do best in all His actions and relationships in life.

Such a Leader that knows how to handle and maintain situations to enable and ensure the continual support of everyone towards bettering the lives of others and as encourage good Leadership amongst all should always be considered and given the role of Leadership because it very obvious that with someone like Engr. Abbas in Leadership position a lot of poor people will sure get the best.

Sir, continue Your good works and efforts as a Great Leader that You are, Your good works is speaking for You louder than You'd ever think of.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, @1_gflame


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