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CAST9JA: A Unified 9th Senate Because of Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan the Senate President


Nigeria’s 9th Senate can be defined as a unified senate where all is

more focused on transforming the lives and situations of every

Nigerian, because it is very well obvious that the current Senate

President Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan is playing His Leadership role with

great understanding of what the Nigerian Citizens needs and for this

reason He came into the section with a core mandate of ensuring a

unified 9th Senate and a Unified Nigeria where all Citizens will feel

carried along in all activities and aspect of the country’s growth


Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan is the Senator representing Yobe North

Constituency of Yobe State has been in the Senate for some time, but

became the Senate President of the 9th Senate and the number 3 Citizen

of the country due to His consistent goodwill towards His people and

Nigerians all through the while and now He hasn’t given up on the

quest to transform the country positively through the Legislative arm

of the Government where He over sees.

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan has consistently improved the affairs of the

legislative arms of Government through the Senate, recently a more

thorough approach towards implementing policies and laws that would

benefit not just the rich, but the poor also will be greatly enriched

with equal rights to all that concerns every Nigerian.

It is very much necessary for every Citizen to know that the Senate is

set to unleash a new life into the legislative system of the country

because the Senate President Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan is so tender at

heart towards the cry of the people for change that will make life

sweet for all.

It is therefore, necessary to know that Nigerians should be ready to

form a new legislative approach towards the worries of Nigerians and

this time Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan is very certain that the Legislative

arm is determined to encourage the faith and trust of Nigerians

because He still believes in Nigeria, knowing that it requires the

trust and goodwill of Nigerians towards Her Leaders.

Effectively, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan has made known His intentions

even before becoming the Senate President, and in every form. He, has

expressed the Leadership qualities that can be recognized by its


It could be said that without any differences the Senate President is

confirmed to be a visionary Leader who without holding back gives

consistently His voice to the need to positively reorganize and

re-energize every sector of the country using the Legislative Arm of

the Government to achieve it.

Countless times, there has been several empowerment programmes carried

out for the people in His constituency, the state and across Nigeria

He has been effectively speaking and keeping up the good heart for and

towards every Nigerian Citizen without any religious, tribal or

financial background.

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan is confidently fit for the role and Nigerians

should expect the very best.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, @1_gflame.


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