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Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege

Development is the only way to move any community or country forward,

and these developments comes in the area of education, infrastructure,

health, transportation just to mention few because every single day

newer innovations comes to light and if any Leader can key into the

flow of investing and sponsoring developmental projects Citizens or

people around us benefit from Our goodwill.

The truth is that any Leader who embarks on such path of impacting

lives through developmental projects always becomes the meeting point

of greater glory in the heart of both the poor in the country and the

entire international countries because all over the World anyone

fighting for the good course of Humanity will always be recognized for

good and be remembered as an epitome of great impact to Humanity.

Though not everyone understands the need for such developmental

approaches to life.

A lot of communities are suffering from lack of development even in

this 21st century, which shouldn’t be so but it seems like the

majority who are in the position of ensuring continuous development

for the good of the people do not really see the need to join the goal

of developing Our communities to meet the standard of the cities where

We all run to for better life, meanwhile We can make every community

beautiful for those living in them.

We must be honest to say that the lack of development in Our local

communities is affecting the livelihoods of those living in it and

this lack of development also dampens and slows down the goal of

meeting the standard of the developed countries across the World.

But in the face of all these uncertainties We have an outstanding

Leader whose desires has always been to beautify the lives of the poor

people and He has consistently carried out developmental projects in

all areas for the people of Delta most especially His community whom

are consistently beneficiaries of His educational scholarship

programmes, empowerment programmes for widows, children and youths and

He has also extended His goodwill to Nigerians without tribal,

religious or financial differences.

He is known as Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege, a Lawyer and a

Politician, a Father, Uncle and a wonderful Leader.

Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege can be said to be a developmental

champion following His continuous success in providing electricity,

roads, support and vocational training opportunities for the people

and has played greater role in the development of His community and

communities across Delta State and He has been so faithful to His

words and kept His promises.

Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege is not just a Leader, He is fit for the

position which He occupies because of His efficiency in delivering His

mandate for the people and as well speaking tirelessly and endlessly

for the good of the people of Delta State and Nigerians.

Besides carrying out all this selfless developmental projects Senator

Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege has also been ensuring that He encourages the

Federal Government to embark on a serious development of the entire

Nigerian communities at large in order to give Nigerians the feelings

of love and for them to enjoy conducive environment for a thriving

livelihood and successful business dealings for all and this He has

been doing without limitation.

Senator Obarisi Ovie Omo-Agege is the Deputy Senate President of the

Nigerian Senate and He is the Senator representing Delta State Central

Senatorial District at the Nigerian Senate Red Chamber.

Meanwhile, despite knowing all this truth still many do not find any

reason to do good for the sake of others but Senator Obarisi Ovie

Omo-Agege knows that the only approach to a greater life is to impact

lives in general and to be of good support to those around us using

the sufficient power and authority within Our reach to influence

positive developmental goal for all involved and for this reason He

has consistently given His time, money, presence and voice towards the

goal of making life better for the Nigerian masses.

And while it seems like We have only few Leaders who knows the

importance of development.

The Deputy Senate President has proven that He is also amongst the few

who are so determined to make life beautiful for the common man on Our

streets by helping to voice their concerns in the Red Chamber and He

has been so relentless in His quest to achieve good life for the

Nigerian Citizens without compromising His stand.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, @1_gflame.


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