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FCDA: The Hub Of Greater Infrastructure Development Under The Supervision of Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE.

Leadership is a mindset, and that is the case of a qualified and humble Leader Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE, whom following His appointment as the Director of Engineering Services, FCDA, Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE has within the years embarked on a serious revitalization of the Engineering section of the Federal Capital Development Authority under the FCTA.

Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE has been a committed worker with the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA right from the early beginning of the department, and rose to the Position of a Deputy Director through His consistuency and hardwork before He was appointed the Director of the Engineering Departement.

Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE, having a greater vision for the FCT coupled with His love for Humanity infused innovative ideas and He ensure that the Federal Capital Administration, FCTA facilitates the slowed down developments of the entire FCT as regards to it's Master Plan.

For many who visited the FCT in the last 4 years would attest to the fact that the present FCT is very well organized and it's engineering infrastructure under the watch of a able and intelligent Leader Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE has played greater role in the development of the FCT more than ever before.

It is also no doubt that môre drainages, sewages, roads, security lights, pedestal bridges and water ways are on a daily basis constructed for the deconjestion of waste water from within the FCT to dams for treatments as well to keer the FCT safe, clean and conducive for everyone under His watch. 

And because He is very well concerned about the well-being of the people, Engr. Ahmad, FNSE has been relentless in His pursuit towards achieving the very best before leaving the office, so He never stops putting môre efforts towards making sure that no project is abandoned under His watch as well to ensure the completion of projects earlier started before He became the Director.

It will also amaze You to know that Engr. Ahmad, FNSE has also ensured that all the areas shielding robbers, kidnappers and hoodlums have been cleared and turned to functional places giving no môre room for hideouts for hoodlums and those carrying out crimes within the FCT.

Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE, has also within His capacity ensured the availability of housing schemes that will be beneficial for the low income earners within the FCT and didn't leave behind the need to support the needy and the less privileged ones.

The Director, is very well known for His numerous selflessness and Goodwill towards the poor people.

Engr. S.H. Ahmad, FNSE is further more rapidly making available roads, drainages, and several others are given môre and môre attention to make commuting across the FCT becomes easier and motorable as possible.

As well the sewage lines are more properly channelled and all that needs reworking or completed are given all the attention needed in terms of financing.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua


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