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Senator Ekweremadu Encourages Transparency During Screening of 8 Nominated Judges

While it is easily assumed that the Federal Government appoints people into office without proper screening, the Senator and the former Deputy Senate President of the 8th Assembly, and Representing Enugu .... Senator Ike Ekweremaduhas taken a giant stride towards sensitizing the system of the need to not just do anything without the awareness of the Nigerian Citizens.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu has expressed His desires for the masses to know and be aware that selection of appointees by the Federal Government goes through the required screening and favoritism is out of the contest when it comes to serving the people. 

Following the nomination of some judges for appointment.

The Senate Committee on Judiciary held a meeting scheduled for the screening of the 8 nominated Supreme Court Judges, though due to some reasons there were delays in the arrival of some of the Judges due to the need for them to attend to some official matters.

Meanwhile, while others were waiting for the rest to join them someone suggested that the screening should be done in batches since the others are not present which led to a few other suggestions too.

And while the committee were considering the suggested option Senator Ekweremadu, decided to put into consideration what the Nigerian masses would say or might think of if that is done as suggested.

His concern towards the Masses became His driving force in this light Senator Ekweremadu stood in the gap for the people by encouraging the Committee to not go on with the suggested procedure in order not to leave Nigerians in the dark as regards to what they are doing and with this He extensively persuaded and encouraged the people present to be patient with the others not present to ensure that everything is done in the presence of others involved.

Though, Senator Ekweremadu was in no doubt that there will always be transparency, but this He said because He wanted Nigerians to know that everything is being done openly for their own good in order to make sure no one raises any issue of lack of transparency during the process.

Meanwhile, the Senator regardless of who was present didn't allow familiarity or any form of sentiment to cloud the need to meet the desires of the people since He knows that the reason for the nominated Judges is to stand and speak for the people.

This He disclosed during as meeting as scheduled by the Senate Committee on Judiciary at the National Assembly for the hearing and screening of the 8 Judges nominated for appointment as Judges of the Supreme Court of Justice by the Federal Executive, .

Senator Ekweremadu without doubt proved that no matter who You are so long as You are Nigerian due protocols and principles must be adhered to because Nigerians deserves transparency in all areas.

Following this, the rest later joined and they were all screened openly for everyone to see.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua


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