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Senator Michael Ama Nnachi The Hub of Great Leadership

Leadership is not just a title neither is it a choice, but it is

rather a gift from God, given to Humans in order to serve as His

representatives to mankind and that is why this Great Leader Senator

Michael Ama Nnachi, a Politician and a Surveyor by profession and He

is the Senator Representing Ebonyi South Senatorial District of Ebonyi

State in the Red Chamber has been faithfully serving the course of the

people by fostering and propelling good Leadership.

Senator Michael Ama Nnachi, is a Leader that takes to heart the

desires and needs of the poor people at all times, and giving support

to the needy has never been a cause for worry for Him because He knows

and understands the law of give and take and as well understands that

whatever good You do to fellow Humans and most especially the poor God

HIS always there to reward Your good did.

So for this reason Senator Michael Ama Nnachi has been practicing His

Great Leadership skills in a grand style manner, by confidently making

ways for the needy to achieve their aims, goals and desires in life

and since embarking on such wonderful quest He has never been wary of

doing such good for the poor.

When talking about Leaders whose heart is tender and humble towards

the needy, Senator Michael Ama Nnachi is no doubt amongst such kind

hearted Leaders who goes out of their ways to make sure they please

the poor people not because He wants to be recognized or praised but

this act of goodwill He exhibits and displays to the people because to

Him the poor people were created to be catered for by those who have

in plenty tenderness and kindness that will always make room for those

in need.

As for Me, Senator Michael Ama Nnachi, is an awesome Leader who

doesn’t just comfort the hearts of the needy with His encouraging

words coupled with the act of giving to the poor, but He also exude

this kind demeanor that makes one realize that He is gentle beyond


And following His willingness to hear the poor people out no matter

what He or She has to say, He then after listening to the worries and

needs of the poor accompanies it with any form of support needed by

the person or people.

So, this makes Senator Michael Ama Nnachi, a commendable Leader, who

don’t just listen to the complaints of the poor, but also ensure He

meets their needs, because He knows very well that just listening to

the worries of the poor without doing anything to remedy it won’t make

the poor feel loved or cared for.

I must therefore, say that no one would encounter the loving kindness

of Senator Michael Ama Nnachi and not want to talk good of Him and His

Great Leadership qualities has every reason to make one always want to

be acquainted with Him because of His welcoming behavior towards

strangers, family and friends alike.

With all honesty the Senator, is never aggressive, He is calm,

composed and goal oriented in all His approach towards everything in

life and He never gives room to counterfeit or unrealistic traits that

will add nothing to the growth of Humanity at large.

Senator Michael Ama Nnachi, has made it clear that He is the Hub of

Great Leadership.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, @1_gflame.


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