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CAST9JA: Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo The Courageous Leader


I can say that it takes great courage for one to be a Leader in any society or organization because the pros and cons are most times always not bearable since a Leader must at all times be ready and willing to give up His or Her own comfort for the great good of others and any Leader found in this state of mind is sure a well deserving Leader.

Nevertheless, not everyone is aware or knows that being a Leader comes with several other stronger responsibilities that are not necessarily comfortable for them, which is why We must always commend Leaders who at all odds gives up on their own personal goals, needs and dreams for the sake of others.

Today, I therefore, write to let You all know that despite the scarcity of people willing to go extra miles for the sake of others, there are still reliable Leaders whom from the very beginning already had their eyes set on standing in the gap for the poor people and the less privileged ones in Our various communities in the society and one of this Leaders is Our Dear Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo.

And while it is said that being courageous is the only thing that keeps us going as Humans, We must therefore, know that being courageous is not equal to be strong outwardly, because just being strong outwardly has it limited advantage, while being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually courageous is what makes the difference and We can see these positive traits are highly functional and present in the life and doings of this wonderful Leader Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo.

Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo is a highly defined Leader, who never gives in to any form of fear either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual because He knows that every good Leader who knows how good and kind He or She relates to the poor and the society at large will have no reason to be scared or be classified as weak.

Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo knows that having God by one’s side is equal to winning and never failing or falling short in one’s goals and pursuit in life and He also knows that great courage doesn’t come from what We see or feel outside us, but rather He knows that it is only God who gives us the heart and willingness to be courageous in all We do in life.

And being a great Leader Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo despite doing every good He can for the entire masses, He has never been seen or heard to brag or let pride take away His better judgement of the situations and the needs of the poor people in Our society and He has since been doing everything within His capability to respond to the needs and the demands of the people in His Senatorial District as well as the needs of those who are not even from His state.

Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo has within the years showed what it means to be courageous, determined and highly focused at the face of all forms of uncertainties as a Leader is to never back down fearfully for anything that stands against the good of all Humanity since We are all here to play Our various roles in making Humanity a greater place for all and coupled with this Courageous Leadership trait, the Senator is also known to have immense resilience and perseverance towards all that concerns the wellbeing of the Nigerian masses even though He is serving as a Senator representing the West Senatorial District of Osun State in the National Assembly.

Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo has also extended His goodwill and good heart towards all Nigerians by speaking endlessly on behalf of the people, by giving support to those in need and has within the years embarked on empowerment projects, scholarships programmes, educational and developmental programmes, vocational training programmes as well as Humanitarian projects targeted at helping the poor, children, widows, youths and the rest of them and all this are benefitted not by just one tribe or religion but by all concerned Nigerian Citizens.

It is therefore, a thing of great importance and necessity for us as Citizens to emulate the courageous acts of Leaders like Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo who is the Senator representing Osun West Senatorial District of Osun State, in the Red Chamber of the Nigerian Senate in the 9th Assembly in exhibiting the courageous aspects of Our being to ensure We stand against all and anything that will deter the growth of mankind in a positive direction.

So, it is no doubt that having Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo as one of the Leaders who are so determined and focused We are destined to have a courageous outlook on life and success is assured for us too and since courage outshines being strong physically, everyone is therefore, encouraged to be highly courageous just as the Distinguished Senator Adelere Adeyemi Oloriowo is courageous as a Leader, We must therefore, also show that courage towards impacting lives and achieving any goal or dream in life.


Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, Twitter @1_gflame.


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