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CAST9JA: Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe The Active Voice The Poor Needs


Every nation of the World needs someone or some people who can and will consistently speak for the people without minding political, religious or tribal differences which has always been the reason behind the different types of divisions and differences faced by many countries in the World.

Most time such people are never appreciated for their consistency in seeking for the best for the people, meanwhile some other time, such people are remembered for the rest of man’s time on earth. But even at the face of not being appreciated majority of this few set of people never gives up on their desires to see that every man or woman enjoys the best any government or life can offer to them.

Just like any other country in the World, one or two persons are always being recognized for taking a stand with the poor people, and this they do with everything and all that they have, and here in Nigeria even from history We can tell one or two of such people who during their life time did everything within their power to front the needs, pains and worries of the people and till today We remember them as Our heroes who gave their time and everything for the just course of every Nigerian Citizen.

And today, We are also lucky to have set of Leaders who also took their stand with the less privileged ones and made it a priority or mandate to ensure that they never rest until what belongs to the poor people is being given or done for them to also enjoy the good things of life without having to go through rigorous routines to earn a living.

So, this brings us to the case of a peaceful Leader, jovial and Youthful at heart His name is Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe who from the very start always proved that He is for the people and not against the people, and He has consistently given His voice, views and opinions as to what should be done or needs to be done for and towards the good of the people.

Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe is a Senator from the Eastern part of Nigeria, precisely representing Abia South Senatorial District of Abia State, but this Leader has proven beyond doubt that He is not focused on tribe, religion or status quo, but rather He is for the people, a one Nigeria people and with this He has time without number expressed great concerns over the needs and worries of the poor people in the society and across the entire state of Nigeria.

This Leader is one of the Leaders who took a stand with the poor people in the country not minding the tribe, religion or political by identifying that they are with and for the poor masses which is why He has refused to stop singing and speaking at the top of His voice about the plights, worries and needs of the people in all aspects and areas of life as regards every Nigerian Citizen.

Also, Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe being very concerned about the plights of the people took to Himself the act of giving endless support to the people of Nigeria and this goes beyond ethnicity, tribe, religion nor status quo because He is a Leader who is not concerned about any other differences, but He is rather focused on rebuilding and bridging the gap that has been created due to tribal, religious and political differences in the society.

Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe is no doubt an excellent Leader, because looking closely at His achievements in Leadership role, He is not a bias nor sentimental kind of Leader because His act of kindness is enjoyed by people from all parts of Nigeria and in the Red Chamber, the Senator is known to not speak in bias or sentimental manner, He also doesn’t speak because He belongs to the opposite party but rather He speaks with the awareness of the fact that We all are Nigerians and it takes every one of us to build the kind of Nigeria We so dream and desire for Ourselves and the yet unborn generation.

It is therefore a must to join hands with one another if We so desire to create the kind of atmosphere We desire to have that will be full of peace, love, unity, kindness, empathy, growth and the rest of them because just like Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe never stopped talking on behalf of the people We must and should also learn to give Our honest and candid opinion without bias or sentimental about it.

The hope of Nigeria has always been God, but We also have to understand that every Leader We have here in Nigeria and any part of the World are all products of God, and We must learn to join the ones who believes in what they have been assigned to do for the people without allowing personal gains or needs to cloud their desire to make life better and beautiful for the people take away the love they have for fellow Humans.

Distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe with all honesty, I and every well-meaning Nigerian loves Your endless efforts towards the meeting the needs of the people and We assure You that all Your efforts are not in vain and You will also remain Our Great Leader and in the future You will be remembered for Your good works and efforts towards uniting and uplifting Nigeria and Nigerians.


Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, Twitter @1_gflame.


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