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CAST9JA: Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba The Unprecedented Leader


Behind the soft looks of Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba is, friendliness, kindness, empathy, calm and jovial trait which simply made Him special and He is an epitome of an unprecedented Leader whose heart and resolves is focused on giving to the people quality Leadership as well as taking a positive stand point with the poor people in ensuring that their needs and worries are met with workable and responsive approaches that yields positive result for the people.

Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba, despite looking friendly and calm knows that the reason for Him being in the office is not to oppress anyone neither does He even thinks of abusing His office by stepping on the rights and goodwill of the people a mistake which He will never make because He is confident that His goodwill towards the people is what makes Him different in His field of Leadership in the society.

So, without limiting the strength and the length of positive coverage of good works done by Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba, it is awesome to know that the Leader ever since becoming a Senator has been restless in His pursuit for consistency, accountability and equal goodwill for the good of the people in the entire Nigerian societies across the country.

Quickly, for record purpose Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba is a Senator from Osun State, representing Osun East Senatorial District, of Osun State in the Red Chamber of the Nigerian Senate in the National Assembly and the Senator has been highly active not just in office but as well in speaking on behalf of the people not just the Yorubas, but including the Hausas, Igbos and every other tribe and religion in Nigeria.

Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba as is popularly known as a Leader who keeps in heart the knowledge of being kind, friendly and compassionate to the people most especially when they are in serious need of a shoulder to lean on and He has always held on to that as a priority, which is why He never downplays the need of the poor people in the society by ensuring that come what may He must meet the needs of the people and that has always been His topmost priority as a Leader.

Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba is not and has never been a promoter of division amongst the people, because He knows that beyond any form of differences the country is a home for people of diverse cultures and religions and most importantly He knows that being a Leader means He has influence on the people and with this He understands that He cannot compromise His stands with the people because of any form of differences that will not be beneficial to the entire masses.

So, Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba in His own capacity has consistently encouraged unity amongst all and suggests that We must at all cost be good ambassadors of this great country Nigeria and as Citizens live up to the expectations of the people as well as the  Government by first showing great Leadership example that will be emulated by the Nigerian Citizens as that is the only way to redirect the hearts and minds of every Nigerian Citizen against violence, division and any form of threat to the Nigerian society and this is what makes Him a Leader who is not focused on tribalism nor religious division amongst any.

We must therefore, in all honesty admit that Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba is indeed a Senator that has stayed the test of time through His goodwill towards every Nigerian Citizen, through His job employment opportunities granted to indigenes and non-indigenes, through empowerment projects and developmental programmes, through helping the widows and less privileged ones, through His consistent voice in the Red Chamber on behalf of the Nigerian Citizens and for every good works He has put in place for the great good of the country and the government at large.

It is however, no doubt that Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba is a commendable Leader, and has beyond doubt staged Himself in the position of great Leadership following His involvement in carrying out projects and activities focused on making life beautiful and better for ever Nigerian Citizen which also favours more the poor, the less privileged ones and the most vulnerable Citizens amongst us.

Believe Me, the truth is that Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba having played greater roles in bettering the situation and life of Nigerians, deserves unconditional love, kindness and support of the Nigerian masses regardless of tribe, religion or financial status quo, because all He is doing comes handy at a time where every Nigerian needs a Leader to speak for them.

Senator Francis Fadahunsi Adenigba You are indeed a remarkable Leader, blessed with exceptional qualities.


Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, Twitter @1_gflame


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