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CAST9JA: Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba The Transformational Leader


Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba is a Senator representing Ebonyi Central Senatorial District of Ebonyi State in the Red Chamber of the 9th Assembly, in the Nigerian National Assembly serving as the Chairman Senate Committee on Sport in Nigeria.

And following His good profile as the Chairman Senate Committee on Sport, Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba has been rising up the Ladder in the World Sporting Organization strongly and consistently because of His proactive contribution and approach towards elevating the Nigeria’s sporting sector through diverse innovations and schemes and also His friendly and welcoming attitude towards all is an encouraging foot print worth emulating by every aspiring Leader looking at how He loves and welcomes all without allowing differences to mount up strife and division amongst all involved.

The Distinguished Leader Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba is also known for His determination, humble Leadership traits and a highly structured organizational skills that are very much visible for all to behold and benefit from and it is no doubt that Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba is a focused and result oriented Leader who has directed His strength towards making sure that every Nigerian Citizen enjoys every privilege available to one and all in the Nigerian Sporting system.

And because the Senator is no doubt confident of the abilities of every Nigerian Youth’s talents and gifts most especially the sport loving ones, He has consistently been advocating the need to ensure that equal opportunities be granted to every Nigerian Youth interested any sport in the country and He has been of the opinion that so long as Youths are interested in representing the country in diverse sporting event they should be granted the needed support to make sure their dream or goals of representing the country becomes an achievable dream.

Also, Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba’s unwavering support in this regards for the Youth cannot be swept under the rug because He is full of zeal, passion and goodwill for the Nigerian sporting system and so desires that this sector provides more talent and skills capitalization for every Youth, and as the Chairman of the Committee Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba understands the need to effectively commercialize the Nigerian sporting system in order to not just build sporting heroes but also generate revenue for the Federal Government through the country’s sporting system.

So, following His consistent efforts towards placing Nigeria at the fore of every sporting event in the Country, Africa and across the entire World at large Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba encourages more innovation in the sporting system as well encouraging more sporting investment relationship between Nigeria and the rest of the World in other to grow the Nigerian sporting system between Nigeria and its partnering organization or country knowing fully well that Nigeria stands a great chance of benefitting in sport capacity building as well as creating a steady revenue generation for the country.

It is also important to note that Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba didn’t just emphasized the need for more investment in the Nigerian sporting system in order to make it lucrative and beautiful for every Nigerian sport man or woman, but He is also very much concerned about the well-being of the sports men and women in the society because he knows that this is the only way to encourage more participation of Nigerians in the sporting sector of Nigeria.

And since becoming the Chairman Senate Committee on Sport, Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba has also seen to need to encourage and boost goodwill and cordial relationship between all sporting organizations and sports men and women in Nigeria in order for the country to achieve a unified sporting system that will yield greater result of victory for the country in the area of sporting events and He has also emphasized on the for better welfare availability for every sports man or woman representing the country in any sporting event outside and within Nigeria because this will encourage everyone concerned to give in His or Her very best.

Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba has been working tirelessly to see that Nigeria’s sporting system becomes the most envious sector in the whole of Africa and the entire World and has been on a continuous advocacy for the need to reorganize the country’s sporting system to ensure that more attention is given to the Youths in this regards knowing that they are well ready to take advantage of the opportunities available to them in the area of sport in Nigeria.

It is no doubt that Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba is very well set and focused on redirecting the trajectory of the Nigerian Youths in the area of sport development as well as encouraging the FG through the Ministry of Youth and Sport Development to focus more on strengthening the country’s sporting system as well as give the Nigerian Youths all the needed support in the area of sport and other levels of life because all this are part of His transformational agenda as a Senator.

Senator Joseph Obinna Ogba is no doubt doing His best to transform the sector being the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Sport.


Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, Twitter @1_gflame


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