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CAST9JA: Senator Solomon Adeola The Organized Role Model


The success of Life comes by being organized mentally, physical, emotionally, spiritually and otherwise and this has been the reason behind the successful stories of Leaders who never gave up on their goals, dreams and desires in life and being perfectly organized is the term I use to define this Great Role Model Senator Solomon Adeola who has been making tremendous marks on the lives of Lagosians as well as Nigerians as a whole through is Humanitarian Projects and Speaking on behalf of the People in the Red Chamber of the Senate.

Please do note that nothing is ever achieved if one lacks organizational skills. But having strong organizational skill set is the strongest aid for anyone in Life and Senator Solomon Adeola is one blessed with great organizational skill set that makes Him unique and different.

That being said, everyone knows that being a Leader comes with being very organized in Our approach to situations and things in life while not losing focus as to what one stands to achieve in the course of the goal or ambition and Senator Solomon Adeola, knows that without being loving, kind and humble towards the people and the poor there will be no room for any form of success stories, also the Leader understands that Humility towards the less privileged ones is the answer to their worries.

Senator Solomon Adeola, besides being well organized also knows the importance of giving to the poor people, though this He does through empowerment programmes, community projects, scholarships, vocational trainings, funding support for business persons as well as youth developmental and organizational empowerment programmes focused on bettering lives and making people self-sufficient.

It is therefore, necessary for all to know that Senator Solomon Adeola, understands that to be highly placed in the society coupled with being loved means He must always stay humble and kind to those in need and who are lower in status and ranks in life than Him because He is aware of the truth that every goodwill shown towards the poor people will always bring in return the beauty of life as well as the best wishes and upliftment from God, because no good works and efforts go unrewarded by God HIMSELF.

So, to be honest, any Leader who understands that it takes humility and being kind to others to remain relevant in life and in Our society just like Senator Solomon Adeola understands, such a Leader will never find it difficult to remain relevant to the people and to the entire society at large and in this regards We could all see that being well organized is a natural skill set for Senator Solomon Adeola, a Senator representing Lagos West Senatorial District of Lagos State in the Red Chamber of the Nigerian Senate in the National Assembly.

I can state confidently that the kind approach and the goodwill support granted to the poor and the entire Human race by Senator Solomon Adeola is quite enough to give Him special place in the heart of the people and this is by no surprise the reason why the Leader has been doing exceptionally well on behalf of the people in the Senate because He is never relenting in His zeal and desires towards seeing that life is made beautiful and more meaningful for the Nigerian masses in general.

Also, for those who doesn’t know this truth, Senator Solomon Adeola, without doubt is always seen to be well mannered, composed, determined, focused and even when walking one can see and tell beyond all doubt that the Leader is indeed one who never takes anything for granted and never sees things at face value since He knows that the beauty of life is in embracing Humanity with all the love in His heart and to as well give to the society the equal love given to Him as a Leader.

Senator Solomon Adeola, can be said to be forthright in His endeavors, He operates in a state of mind that looks and sees beyond what is placed right in front of Him, because He naturally understands that life goes just beyond being told what is on the surface, instead He digs deep into every situation to ensure that every needed attention and time towards achieving a goal is being given the needful thought in order to come out with the best result in whatever We do in life.

Furthermore, Senator Solomon Adeola, has always been maintaining cordial relationship between Himself and all around Him, because He clearly knows that good relationship with the people in the society is the determinant of how successful a Leader becomes in life, so having this great understanding about life, the Leader has set Himself up for greater growth and exceptional glory in life which cannot and will never be stopped by anything.

So, in this regards I want everyone reading this to know and understand that Senator Solomon Adeola, is not just a Leader but He is an extremely organized Leader who goes by the principle of being humble, kind and loving towards others not minding financial strength, religious or tribal background.


Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, Twitter @1_gflame


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