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Senator Bala IBN Na Allah Is Always An Optimistic Leader


Consistency, perseverance and resilience is what defines a Leader who

cares for the less privileged ones in the society and without mincing

words We have a Leader whom at all cause gives His very best to the

service of Humanity and He is called Senator Bala IBN Na Allah.

Senator Bala IBN Na Allah is a current Senator at the Red Chamber,

representing Kebbi South Senatorial District. Ever since taking up His

Leadership role and mandate in the Senate, He has never given up on

His goodwill quest towards bettering the lives of the poor people.

For those who knows the Senator, knows that His remarkable approach

towards fending for the needs of the poor people makes Him unique,

these traits has been confirmed on several occasions by many people

and His friendliness is also a gift that worth a lot and that cannot

be reduced by anything, because His smiling gestures comes with

greater level of warmth and kindness and this gives room for accepting

Him into the hearts of the people.

The Senator is reliable and consistent in His approach for a greater Nigeria.

Senator Bala IBN Na Allah besides being known to be at the fore front

of rendering unsolicited help to those oppressed and in need, He never

looks down on anyone no matter what happens and I can without doubt

tell You that the Senator is one out of few who are known to always be

there for the poor people either called upon to intervene or not.

While it is easy to think that someone of His high capacity and

position in life, Senator Bala IBN Na Allah never allows Himself to be

taken aback by His prominence but rather He gives all His attention to

the task at hand and never shivers since He knows that the poor people

are the reason behind His successful response to the matters at hand.

Just to mention but few, Senator Bala IBN Na Allah is Leader that has

given numerous scholarships to the less privileged, widows, single

parents, youths and adults from all spheres and fields of life without

religious or tribal sentiment.

Senator Bala IBN Na Allah has also embarked on selfless humanitarian

projects that impacted many lives in becoming self-sufficient and

self-reliant in meeting their daily needs, a lot families are

beneficiaries of empowerment programmes as well as educational funding


Senator Bala IBN Na Allah is a Leader that understands that education

is the hub of greatness therefore in this regards the Senator has

always been found working tirelessly in the Senate Red Chamber,

through raising several motions and bills that would enable the masses

benefit from the Federal Government at all times without having to go

through rigorous or difficult steps to achieve their aims and goals in


He is also known for giving His uncompromised support for the

establishment of policies and laws that will benefit the poor masses

in the entire Nigerian communities and the watch word for this great

Leader Senator Bala IBN Na Allah is the Poor People First at all time.

Also, Senator Bala IBN Na Allah is optimistic about the Nigerian

youths and its entire Citizens and has also played several roles in

the development of His state of origin Kebbi State, as well for many

years this Senator has never stopped talking on behalf of the entire

Citizens of Nigeria.

We must say, that such a Leader deserves our unending commendations

because of His outstanding performances and efforts towards making

life beautiful for all Nigerians.

Source: Ayooluwa Joshua, @1_gflame


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