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It is no more news that we are seeing our worse days on earth. We have all tested a bit of what hell feels like but then, are we ready to die? NO, so we have to push through and believe God is hearing those who still have the strength to pray.

We now have a situation at hand, but I believe nothing lasts forever, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Inorder for you not to lose your life and sanity before the end of this wind, here are ways to manage yourselves:

🥦Banks do not have money to pay. You cannot make transfer and ATM is not paying.POS is wahala. The little they have is not in anyway near one third of the volume people need. So, do not go to ATM except it is more than necessary. Too many fights at the ATM. A lot of pple are angry and frustrated, don't let anyone take out his/her frustration on u, don't lose your life cos this period will also pass. Those going to ATM to look for N1000, if can get N2/3K collect and pls I beg you to stay in your houses.

🏀Postpone all your projects for now pending when things will normalize. Dont force things so u dont get disappointed and frustrated, ur sanity matters a lot

🍒The most important thing now is food. Any little money you can get, use it to stock food for your children. We pray famine does not set in. 

🍇Minimize wakawaka. There is no fuel and those selling are doing so at very high price. Unnecessary show of affluence is just being irresponsible and reckless, if u dont drink beer a day or two u wont die, Transportation is high now. Do ur work indoors if you can. This is not the time to hang around and drink beer and kaikai. Not the time to be calling and disturbing someone for urgent #2K, send me airtime or buy me data use ur head and Control the little money you have at hand, that is if you have any.

🍐Avoid unnecessary news for now. It will only send you to early grave. The only thing the news in this country does is to give you heart attack. Avoid all these unprofessional newspapers, especially the ones owned those known to be mbrs/supporters of a political party, the will all LIE

🍊Whatever happens, try and have internet data. Internet has been a great tool in reducing depression. Browse , laugh and keep yourself happy.

🍋Pray for yourself, your family and friends. Ask God to show you the direction to take.

*May we all survive this season. Amen*

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