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 When it comes to popular automakers across the globe, Honda is surely one of them. Honda cars are well-known for their reliability and durability. Alongside, the Japanese auto brand has a fine share of luxury and non-luxury vehicles in the automobile industry. 

But do you know the fact about Honda that it manufactures products other than just cars and motorcycles? Honda offers a diverse product range such as jet skis, boats, and other marine equipment. Besides, its product lineup includes airplanes and jets as well. 

Let’s find out more facts about Honda Motors Company and revisit its journey to becoming one of the popular Japanese auto brands.


Although Honda’s first-ever car debuted in 1963, the company started its journey way back in 1937. The founder of this popular Japanese auto brand, Soichiro Honda began working at an auto workshop in 1922. After 6 years, Soichiro Honda started his auto workshop. 

Let’s go through the complete Honda factsheet and learn more about the company’s journey to date.


Honda Journey
Honda started as a motorcycle manufacturing company and became the largest manufacturer in the world by 1964

In 1937, Honda started a company ‘Tökai Seiki’. It is a lesser-known fact about Honda Motors that the brand started as a car part manufacturer before it got into motorcycle and automobile production. The company produced and supplied car parts to another popular Japanese brand Toyota.

After the second world war, Soichiro Honda and a team of twelve engineers created a motorbike engine. In 1949, the first Honda motorcycle debuted with a two-stroke engine producing 98 hp. Moreover, Honda became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world by 1964. 


Honda S600
S600 was the first-ever car produced by Honda

While many think that Honda Civic is the first-ever car by this Japanese auto brand, it is a lesser-known fact about Honda that its first-ever car was S600. Honda S600 was available as a convertible and coupe car body type. The car was equipped with an inline 4-cylinder engine producing 57 hp.

The car was lightweight and later, the Honda S2000 was inspired by the S600 model. After S600, Honda went on to manufacture car models such as Honda Civic and Accord which are among the most popular used Japanese car models in the UAE and across the globe. 


Honda Accord
Honda Civic debuted in 1972 with a better fuel-efficiency to meet the demands during oil crisis

Amidst the oil crises in the 1970s, Honda Civic and Accord debuted in 1972 and 1976, respectively. The sedans were well-perceived by the masses because of Honda’s innovative technology. Moreover, the Civic and Accord came with better fuel efficiency.

Recently, Honda launched the tenth generation of Accord, and each year more features are added to this sedan. Besides, Honda Accord has won several awards among the top ten family sedans. Since innovation is the major aspect of this Japanese auto brand, it introduced a hybrid car model in 2003 for the first time in Honda Civic’s history. The battery of the Civic hybrid was said to last for a lifetime.


Although the automotive industry existed since the 19th century, the Honda Accord was the first non-American car produced in the USA. Besides, Honda already had started manufacturing motorcycles in the USA in 1958. 

Moreover, it is an interesting Honda fact that the brand has managed to sell more than one million Accord models in the USA alone. Honda has been in the USA for more than 40 years. And, it has more than 12 manufacturing plants in America. 


It is an interesting fact about Honda that it is known for its research and innovation to make technological advancements. That said, cars in Indy 500 race competitions use Honda and Chevrolet engines since 2005. Honda Indy engine is a 2.2-litre V6 twin-turbo engine producing 550 to 750 hp depending on the turbo boost pressure at tracks.


Honda Prelude
Prelude was the first four-wheel steering car by Honda Motors

Honda Prelude became the first-ever four-wheel steering car to be sold in the USA. Although the Prelude wasn’t a sports car like the Nissan R31 Skyline, it became popular with Honda’s innovation. Later, more Prelude models were released. That said, Prelude became one of the most appreciated car models in JDM.


Honda in motor racing
It is one of the interesting facts about Honda that it has been popular in motor racing competitions

Honda is one of the well-known manufacturers of car parts and engines in motor racing competitions. While the Japanese auto brand was popular in motorcycle racing, it is an interesting fact about Honda that it started Honda Racing Corporation in 1982. Since then, Honda has won several racing competitions.


Honda Jets
Honda also produces private jets alongside cars, motorcycles and marine transports

It is a well-known Honda fact that the brand is well-known for its diverse products. From jets and boats to cars and motorcycles, Honda has got a long list of products. That said, Honda also started a side project to design and produce robots in 2011.


Acura luxury car
Acura is the luxury car division by Honda

Honda started its luxury auto brand called ‘Acura’. It was the first-ever Japanese luxury car brand owned by one of the top automobile manufacturer, Honda in 1986. Later, Toyota followed it with the launch of ‘Lexus’ in 1989. 

Although the company started as a motorcycle manufacturer, Honda has come a long way with its innovation, research, and development. These were all the facts about Honda that made this Japanese auto brand popular in the world. 

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