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About Us

I am Joseph David Enya CEO Supreme digital.
i'm from a
family of 5. i love God. after God...?
my family comes next. i love my
family. i am a Nigerian. am proud
of my country. am a Christian. i love associating with friends that 
have dreams. Not those that sleep
and dream o.. Lol... Friend that take
up tasks n challanges... n also frnd dat loves God. i dislike
proud people n bullies. I dont like to be a burden to any1. I love
adventure really!...I love technical things.. Working for God is my
I love pleasing God i love doing things beyond normal (Positively), i love
doing what i have not don before.
Am a very ambitious young man,f
ocused, full of life and strength, and
would'nt stop at noting to achieve my goals....

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